The Law Office of Carole L. Jordan was established keeping in mind the needs of the business of the workplace in the 21st century. The business world is changing at warp speed. Every year we encounter new technologies, new challenges and new competitors and we are also introduced to new opportunities that can take a business to unparalleled heights. In this dynamic business climate, Ms. Jordan provides legal counsel and representation to keep your company in compliance with the myriad of workplace laws and regulations that affect every business. It’s a fact – the laws that affect our workplaces and workforces have become more complex and more far-reaching. These laws impact a company’s bottom line, no matter the size, geographic location, or industry of the business. Running a business in the 21st century without solid employment practices is very risky. The Law Office of Carole L. Jordan can advise you and work with you to develop practices to prevent workplace disruptions and to find practical solutions for your 21st century workplace needs.

Ms. Jordan understands the dynamics and challenges of the business world and brings that understanding to the table. The firm delivers the substance and experience that world class clients expect and can do it nimbly. The firm’s philosophy is that sophisticated legal services can be delivered with efficiencies, responsiveness and personalization.

Licensed to practice in the District of Columbia and the state of Pennsylvania.