Representing the Employer:

In today’s ever competitive and challenging business climate every company needs to keep its focus on profits, customer satisfaction and its investors. However, many companies overlook or neglect one of the most essential components of doing business – how to handle issues related to human capital (the employees). If your company does business in the United States, it is subject to numerous federal and state employment and labor laws. An adverse ruling from a court or agency can lead to significant costs – financial and reputational. For the small business it could even mean the demise of the business. Ms. Jordan provides the counsel and guidance that can help employers minimize legal vulnerabilities and avert costly employment litigation.

Ms. Jordan handles matters that arise in every aspect of employment law, including EEO, investigations, downsizings/restructurings, sexual harassment, family and medical leave, compensation, wage and hour, and alternative dispute resolution. Her broad scope of expertise also includes developing and conducting training workshops and programs for managers and employees, drafting and reviewing workplace policies and procedures, conducting internal employment audits and representing companies before the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the U.S. Department of Labor and other federal and state employment and labor agencies.

Representing the Employee:

Ms. Jordan has a limited practice that extends to representing employee-side matters. These legal services include EEO; review of employment related documents, such as non-compete agreements and waivers related to downsizings and terminations; advice related to disability accommodation and family leave issues; and representation in internal dispute resolution procedures (mediations and arbitrations). Ms. Jordan also assists executives and officers with negotiations and review of employment contracts and separation agreements.